Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can you tell me all your hopes and fears and everything that you believe in?

Gosh. Idk anything anymore.

School's started. Not so good, 'cause I'm the lazy type of person, so this year's gona be hard for me.. or I think it will be. Like it has always been. Well.. we'll see that then.

Summer has ended, spring has begun.

<- That's what my summer looked like. Well, okay, nearly like that. Actually all I did was travel and swim. Aaah, that was good, exactly what I needed.

Now I've got left to ask myself. Do I even know what I want? Will I ever know this? That's been bothering me for quite a while now.

Today I feel like watching a movie with tea & cake, what could be better? Aah, can't wait. Soon I'll go walk my little doggy woggy and go make a cake & my fave kind of tea. Then I'm gona go watch Vampire Diaries 2nd seasons 3rd episode, I haven't got to see yet. This friday again! Can't wait, I so love these series. At night, I hope I won't forget to watch Chris Angel, The Simpsons, Family Guy & South Park.. All the good thing happen at night, yay ^^

Also I wanna say, that someone pleaase come and repair my computer. It won't start and I really need to get all my things outta there and into my laptop! So someone, anyone, comon' now, Help! Lol.

Mm.. The reason I haven't written in quite a long time.. Well that's 'cause I'm bad at expressing my feelings.