Monday, September 26, 2011

I'll chase you through the yard and all through the house into the dark. Oh I wanna steal your heart and eat your brains.
At the moment the sky looks so awesome, I'd read out about a miljon kinds of different figures from it.

Well, in my last post, what was published about a month ago, I promised to write something about my trip to Holland & Belgium.
That's the way our travel plan looked -> Amsterdam - The Hague - Amsterdam - Antwerp - Bruges - Brussels - Jemelle - Han-sur-Lesse - Brussels - Leuven - Brussels - Tallinn


All we need is love

just some random graffiti

I'd love to live in one of those, just for a while

mom took a picture of a holland boy

that little bastard was everywhere!

me likey

head shop - that says it all

magiiiiic mushrooooom

flyin' high

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red light district

funny little trees there on top of the roof

have you ever kissed spiderman?

the hague


manneken pis

a true warrior

Minu Europe - Estonia



Not the best quality, but that will do for now. I don't know what to say about the trip, it would be too long of a story, so I posted some pictures instead.

Well, what about September?

Argh, there's so much that I've done. Some concerts, some events ect.

For instance

      And once again school's started. Oh god, sucks.
my mornings

this is exactly how i feel right now

      Now.. How does my daily life look like?
      Exactly like this. -.-

Enough about school, like you see it's not my favorite subject to talk about. Ta ta for now then.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't regret anything you do, cause in the end it makes who you are

Gosh, I haven't written in my blog since forever.
Wow, nearly half a year, that's pretty long. Well much has happend in those months, won't start to blabber all about them. Well okay, mabye just a little.

First of all I've never gone out to so many clubs in one year.
Shit, what's become of me? I used to hate clubs.
And even today I'm going out to a club.

At the moment I feel, that I've got some serious issues, I've been drinking every single day for a week now.
I think, I'll take a break soon.

Oh, I've gone to many good concerts as well, but I don't remember all of them.
The one I remember best is 30 Seconds to Mars, cause they were wonderful and put on an amazing show for the crowd. It was fucking awesome!
The video is not the best quality, but it will do for now.

One thing that I almost forgot is that I went to national defence camp and before that to a course. I loved every second of it! Well okay, mabye not the mosquitos that were trying to eat me alive there. Otherwise it was a new great expierience for me. I got to try out a whole lot of different things.

The course
we built it all ourselves

The camp
BTR 60
There are a whole lot of more pictures, but I wont bother putting them all up here.

Hmm.. I've also travelled a little bit. Most of all inside of Estonia but I also went to Sweden and soon I'm going to Holland & Belgium and will be there for a week. I think I will start writing in blogger more often, at least I hope so. So when I get back from my trip, I'll try to write everything interesting I did there.

the place where my heart rests

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ja me naerame kui me lendame üle lainete sinuga draakonil.

Mis ma siis viimasel ajal teinud olen?  
Teen väikese kokkuvõtte, kuid mitte küll kõigest.

Esimene aasta, kui sünnipäeva ei pidanud.
Külla tuldi ikka ning kingiti prügikoti täis jäätiseid.


Käisin ka Hurtsi kontserdil.
Tegelikult käisin ma veel paljudelgi kontserditel, kuigi teatris käisin ma rohkemgi veel.
Aplaus mulle. Ma kandsin oma juukseid patsis, isegi väljaspool kodu! Seda ei juhtu igapäev.

Käisin Männiku lasketiirus.

Olen jobu ja lasin endale industriaali teha.
Kusjuures mulle isegi meeldib :)

Tegin midagi väga jubedat! Nimelt am värvisin oma juuksed pruuniks. 
Jube, jube, jube!

Ja ikka ma veel jobutsen veebika ees oma sõpradele. 
At least it's fun.