Monday, December 10, 2012

we do not remember days... we remember moments

So.. I have nothing more important to do at 4 am than to write an entry in my blog, fun, fun, fun.. Now, Crete. When did I go there again? I guess it was June. Still as white as snow white though.


I spy with my little eye

dangerous much?


i wanna fly away from here

they see me rollin', they hatin'


the kraken
also the kraken
pedobear attack

my new pet, om nom

first get her drunk..
..and then steal her head
bread + peanut butter + cheese + nutella + melted cheese

Drink up!


still as cute as ever
keep your face always toward the sunshine

only in the eyes of love you can find infinity
off we go to...
Nipple Twist

The most I loved about my summer was visiting festivals.  

First there was the Viljandi Folk festival 

Then I visited the Rock Ramp festival in Viljandi 

And last but not least I visited the Punk N' Roll festival at Tartu 

That was the most awesome part of my summer. Love to do it again.
So what have I done lately? Nothing much. Just gone to some concerts and been to the theatre a lot. Concerts eh?

In July - The Red Hot Chili Peppers

In november -




I also visited a lot more concerts from my own country and ofc other countries as well. Just not going to list all of them here. 

Some of them to hear my friends play, some because they seemed interesting and that they were.

Another thing I visited was "Jazzkaar", I went to all kinds of Jazz concerts. Heard some new ideas, new voices. Imo it was an inspiring and intriguing experience.


Oh and I forgot to mention we are reconstructing some of the rooms. Got new kitchen furniture and also we changed some things in there. In my room - new wallpaper, coloured some closets and shelves, new furniture, new curtains, ect. So far I like it.


Sorry, don't have a better picture of the new hair colour yet, cause I changed it only a few days ago. 

Trapped in my own illusions.
if you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wonders.
I want to find someone who will make me forget all the others.